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Department of Medicaid Budget Includes Reimbursement Increase for Podiatrists

Through OHFAMA’s lobbying efforts, the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) budget includes a 5% increase in the Medicaid reimbursement rates for podiatrists.

The change was included in Governor Mike DeWine's budget proposal and House Bill 33, the state budget bill, which passed the Ohio House of Representatives on April 26.

OHFAMA Executive Director Mike Mathy testified before the House Health and Human Services Subcommittee on March 22 and the Senate Medicaid Committee on May 11 to ask committee members to support ODM’s budget recommendation and consider further boosting Medicaid reimbursement rates for podiatrists.

“Podiatry has always been an important part in the team concept of care in Ohio’s Medicaid system, but like other providers, costs to administer care have significantly gone up for our members while reimbursement levels have remained flat,” said Mathy. “OHFAMA members would appreciate your support of Medicaid’s initial 5% reimbursement increase for podiatric physicians and surgeons contained in House Bill 33 and strongly consider building on that ‘good start’ by allocating an additional 5% in reimbursement levels for our valued providers.”

HB 33 is now before the Ohio Senate and must be approved by that body and signed into law by Governor DeWine by June 30.

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