Other Committees


CAC Representatives for OHFAMA

Animesh Bhatia, DPM

Paul Lieberman, DPM - Alternate


APMA PIAC Representative for OHFAMA

Bruce G. Blank, DPM


APMA Committee Appointments for OHFAMA - 2015-2016

Health Systems Committee: Bruce G. Blank, DPM

Advisor, Public Health and Preventive Podiatric Medicine Committee: David Hintz, DPM, MPH, CPH

ASPE Liaison to the AACPM/Residency Facilitation Project 2015-2016: Jimelle Rumberg, PhD, CAE

Finance and Budget Committee

Michael Bodman, DPM - Chair (Term Expires in 2017)

Marc Greenberg, DPM (Term Expires in 2017)

Brian Ash, DPM (Term Expires in 2018)

Thomas McCabe, DPM - 1st Vice President

Alan Block, DPM - Secretary/Treasurer

Animesh Bhatia, DPM - 2nd Vice President (ex-officio - term expires in Nov, 2016)

Richard Schilling, DPM - President (ex-officio - term expires in Nov, 2016)

Jimelle Rumberg, PhD, CAE - Executive Director (ex-officio)


Legislative Committee

Michael Bodman, DPM

Marc Greenberg, DPM

Karen Kellogg, DPM

Jimelle Rumberg, PhD, CAE

Corey Russell, DPM

Richard Schilling, DPM